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I may or may not be a significant person in the lives of others. When I “turn it over” and let God do His job, and me do mine – the world spins just as it was made to do. I cannot solve the problems of the world, I cannot create a utopia here on […]

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New Edition of Tony A.’s Book – The Laundry List

The Laundry List Kindle Edition    (  <–  click on link to Amazon) I am so glad to finally be able to share this with everyone!  This is the original book written by Tony A. that began the…

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Baby Steps

A Yogi Kitchen

I’m a person who has big ideas. I don’t always have follow through. I’m one of those people who thinks about the great business, does nothing about it and then ten years later sees it in a magazine, in the airport or on the street. I have great gumption and energy at the beginning of an idea and then when a problem or obstacle arises I lose steam. Image

Over the years I’ve realized that to be successful I have to take baby steps. A little bit often my teacher would say. It’s how I became a true yogini. Because if you told me to be real and authentic in my practice I had to get on the mat for 90 minutes every day and meditate for 60 minutes every day I never would have stuck with it. It was in a workshop almost 15 years ago with Yogi Erich Schiffman that…

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Just keep showing up

A Yogi Kitchen

Lately I find myself unable to be productive or effective. Hence, my long absence from blogging.

It’s not depression. It’s not anxiety. Or maybe it’s both. The thing that I have been doing is getting on the mat a little bit each day. Because that’s what clears my mind and moves the energy through my body and helps me get to the other side. Even more consistently I’ve been meditating. For so many years mediation was a chore, something I did because it’s what good yogis do. It was a struggle. It was uncomfortable. Finally, it’s become my safe haven. Both are the little things that I can do on a daily basis that keeps things in perspective and moving forward.

Hence, my return to blogging. And the rest of my life.

I’m in the process of moving, again, which means my perspective has shifted, again. The way I think…

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